The Shower Sidekick is coming!!!

It’s happening.

The product I invented when I was a DG in college at University of Wisconsin – Madison, The Shower Sidekick – a portable, adjustable shower shaving stand – is coming to the world. (Some of my college friends might remember my original, somewhat questionable prototype.)

After 10 years of highs and lows (miracles and tears), getting a patent, having a licensing agreement, ending a licensing agreement, and a failed attempt to take the product to market by myself when I was 24 years old, it’s actually happening. Check out the video below for my first infomercial (which worked! The guys who helped me make this sketch are an amazing comedy group from Chicago – The Wilton Way.)

The Shower Sidekick Original Video

The past 18 months we’ve been working with designers and engineers to make a much sexier, stronger and safer version than I made by myself when I was 20 years old.

It’s time to take it to market.

We’ll be launching the product with a Kickstarter this summer!

I read a quote: “Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

Well, I haven’t given up.

So excited that this product will finally be out in the world to help women shave their legs easily and safely!! It helps me, and I hope it will help you!

Especially for college women in the dorms. I remember moving into a dorm (it’s confusing enough leaving home, but you also have a shared shower situation- yikes). Why make that any more difficult by trying to find somewhere to put your foot to shave your legs? And no one wants cuts on their legs when they’re meeting friends (or potential crushes) for the first time.

Avoid the drama, get a Shower Sidekick!! 🙂