Everything on websites looks so put together and fancy. The videos are seamless, the graphics are on-point.

But that isn’t how it started. Or even how it got there.

My Product video and Founder videos were made with an incredible team – Emily and Jonathan from the Scene LA. They are so creative, fun, professional and JUST SO GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO.

Emily and Jonathan are my heroes. (And just to be super honest with you, I just misspelled ‘heros’ and was BAFFLED about what was wrong with it. I’m just gonna keep it real. I then had an ‘aha’ moment when I remembered that there’s a fancy little ‘e’ hidden in there).

Emily and Jonathan made me look good. They made me look articulate and fancy.

The truth is, it took a lot of iterations to put that bad boy together. A lot of me stumbling, bumbling and making crazy jokes.

And I was nervous.

You would think that after 5 years of opportunities to be on-camera (sketches, stand-up comedy, hosting), I would have my sh*t together. But I was nervous.

Because this was me being me, not some random character or being funny. This was me, being the authentic me. Sharing a product with the world that I’ve been working on for 10 years. A product that I’ve had awesome and sh*tty moments¬†with. It’s been a journey, and I’m finally sharing it with the world. It’s scary.

So, I’m sharing the blooper reel with you. The mistakes and missteps along the way to making a super polished video.

And to be honest, it makes me laugh. It’s so funny what we say and do when we¬†aren’t trying to be perfect.

Find your imperfect and your #weird and realize it’s hilarious and honest. Celebrate those moments. And laugh at mine.