Hello, Goddesses! A little about “myself” today. I go by Cotidea when I’m feeling sexy and it’s time to put on Spanx and a little black dress. But when I’m feeling tomboy-ish or sassy, I go by my nickname, Codi. Since you’re part of my crew of Goddesses, you can call me Codi.

And now that we’re acquainted with each other, I’ve got a confession to make. I may be a Goddess, but I’m also a bitch. But not a classic bitch. I’m not a bitch to other girls, because that’s awful and annoying. I’m a bitch in the sense that I don’t like BS and I have an opinion. According to my experience in life, that’s what a bitch is. A woman with a voice, a point of view, and the courage to share it. Someone who doesn’t use the classic skills of people-pleasing and people-fixing to get around having to share anything. Someone who might post a selfie with no makeup and an pseudo-nip-slip to make a point. Bitches are a little out there.

Above all, I want to make one distinction about myself, and about anyone else who might identify with this new definition of bitchiness. Being a bitch should never mean hurting anybody or putting anyone down. It’s all about looking out for each other, lifting each other up, and taking on the world with passion and ferocity.

So, now that we’ve got the attitude covered, let’s talk style. I could be found wearing sexy heels and a tight little black dress. I could be found wearing combat boots, skinny jeans, a loose tank top and a leather jacket. I might be taking ballet or krumping. I can play with the boys but I can also get my hair and nails did and look like a badass vixen. I don’t post pictures of myself in lingerie on Instagram, but I could. I like to keep a little bit of mystery.

I look put together on weekdays and wear workout clothes pretty much all weekend. I will even try to get away with wearing leggings instead of pants to dinner, unless it’s a date night and I’ll look legit. I used to play flag football with the guys and then go out clubbing until 5am with my girls, but now you’ll find me going to yoga and then having tea with a friend on a Friday night.

As per the above, being a woman is complicated, so I want to make products that make it easier. It might be an app or a beauty tool or even a device to help you shave your legs. It’s a little all over the place, but so is being a woman.