User Reviews

I’m a freshman this year and my Shower Sidekick is my #1 essential for shaving in our dorm bathroom. I leave it in the stall all the time now so my suitemates can use it, too.
Katelynn, San Diego, CA
My legs are bandaid-free! I keep a constant supply of those tiny little bandaids to plaster on my legs after shaving. Who knew that I just needed better positioning?!
Emily, Santa Monica, CA
My wife requested a Shower Sidekick for her birthday. She uses it all around the house, not just in the shower. I’ll admit, I used it myself the other day when I was putting my boots on. Great product.
John, Houston, TX
I’m a medical resident, and I love to bring my Shower Sidekick to work with me. That way, when I’m getting ready to leave work to go wherever, I can shave in our work showers without having to sit on the ground. Love it.
Susana, Cleveland, OH