“You’re just an idea person.”

Yup, that’s me. I have been called an ‘idea person’ for so many years.

‘Kristin, you have so many ideas. Now you just need to execute.’

‘Kristin, that’s another idea. It means nothing without execution.’

Those kinds of comments made me feel less-than, like the gift of having ideas was useless. I wasn’t good enough if I couldn’t execute the ideas by myself. The thought of being an ‘idea person’ started to have a negative connotation to me, but it’s my nature to come up with ideas, so it was a tricky internal struggle. I started to keep my ideas to myself. I kept sections in my iPhone Notes for my different types of ideas. I chose not to share most of them with anyone, because I didn’t want to hear, ‘That’s good, but it’s just an idea.’

I’ve been coming up with ideas since I was a little kid. At age 5, I decided that selling lemonade was cliche (and a little questionable – I didn’t fully trust that they made the lemonade properly and the little Dixie cups could spill in your car), so I came up with the idea of selling pre-wrapped candy canes in all different flavors during the holidays. My parents gave me ‘start up cash’ and I made a little business. I looked forward to going out to the street corner every day and selling my genius idea.

Ideas in high school manifested as dance choreography, and I was able to put the ideas into motion by choreographing dances for my high school show every year. I was also in art class, which was another form of ideas becoming action.

In corporate America (strategy consulting), I realized that all entry-level people at the company didn’t have the necessary vocabulary to attend meetings (it all sounded like fancy acronym gibberish), so I worked with a girl in London, and we came up with a global glossary for common terms that all entry-level resources could refer to (and I think it’s still used).

After corporate America, the ideas manifested as jokes, writing, sketches and creating stand-up comedy shows. One of my ‘brilliant’ (and super weird) ideas – LA Girls Love Kale rap parody:

LA Girls Love Kale

Once again, I kept my joke ideas, sketch ideas, TV show and movie ideas in my iPhone. I created a lot of material – wrote a couple TV shows, a movie, a web series, produced stand-up comedy shows, online sketches, etc. I wasn’t just an idea person – I created content. It didn’t go very far, but at least I was creating 🙂

Fast-forward to today, I’m still an idea person, but now I love it. An idea I came up with ten years ago, the Shower Sidekick, is now a real product. The idea has become a thing, a real, beautiful product that I can hold and share with the world. It can now help people the way that it helped me in college (I made a very questionable prototype myself so long ago).

It has been a long journey – a lot of tears and miracles along the way. For so many years, I heard, ‘The Shower Sidekick is a great idea. You need to take it to market.’ Do you know how hard it is to do that?!? It’s ridiculous. No bullsh*t, taking a product to market is no joke. I’m so excited to share the Shower Sidekick with women all over the world. Why do we make shaving so difficult? Let’s make shaving a little bit easier.

I have a bunch of other products on the way – all of those ideas I keep in my ‘Notes’ section are coming in handy. I now consider being an ‘idea person’ a compliment – if you call me that, I’ll probably say ‘thank you.’ 🙂 It’s taken a long time to not feel embarrassed about having ideas. It’s a natural part of who I am that I grew to love after being shamed for it.

And to all you women out there who have been told your attributes are your weaknesses, find the moments where you can celebrate your gifts, talents and abilities.

There is no shame in your creativity game. Find what you’re good at and celebrate it.

Whether it’s a fancy way you tie your shoes or a beautiful style of art you created or the way you do your hair in the morning – you share your creativity with the world in the way you carry yourself.

You are creativity in motion. You are a Goddess everyday.